How to Get a Welding Job Overseas

Since the economy and jobs are more secure abroad, many welders seek to work out of the country. Working abroad, there have many opportunities that you simply cannot count on fingertips. First of all, the compensation is considerably higher than it is at home and, secondly, skilled welders are in increased demand in many overseas job markets.

Considering the above, you would want to know how to get a welding job overseas? To get an overseas welding job, a welder must have the same skills but more experience than the welders in the foreign country where they plan to travel for work. Welders can get work abroad through companies based in their home country or recruiters in the country where they wish to work. Here, we will discuss everything there is to know about getting a welding job overseas.

How Do I Get a Welding Job Overseas?

The majority of the welding jobs are local and do not require too much traveling. However, some welders need to travel outside of their home city or even country to get work. Some welders can get work in their own city or country but desire to travel out-of-station or overseas to make more money. In fact, the majority of the welders who are seeking welding jobs overseas fall into this category.

Welding is no longer just about making ends meets. Many talented welders who obtain the necessary accreditations earn decent enough salaries to support their families just a few years into their careers. Additionally, after gaining some experience in the welding industry, these welders are ready to work at offshore rigs or oilfields where they make six figures.

However, to make six figures, welders have to sacrifice family life to some extent, if not completely. But, the flip side is that this allows their families to live a quality life. This is the same reason many welders today are seeking employment opportunities overseas. In many foreign countries, welders in the U.S can make twice as much as they make working at offshore rigs and oil rigs, if not more.

So, how do you become a welder worthy of getting employment in job markets that pay this much money for welding jobs? Perhaps, the most important step in finding employment abroad is completing the education and training requirements demanded by welding jobs in the country where you wish to travel for work. However, this is just the starting point and there are many other things you need to do to get a welding job overseas.

What are the Requirements for Becoming a Traveling Welder?

There is no fixed career path to turn into a traveling welder. Most of the credentials required are the same as those needed by any other welder, like getting the right certifications and completing the training.

Usually, additional credentials for welders who wish to travel abroad for work include some welding experience and different accreditations which differ from one employer to another. There are also a few employers that tend to recruit traveling welders who have specialized skills such as the ability to operate heavy machinery. In contrast, some other recruiters, such as the military, might require welders to undergo further training. What does this training include? It may include climbing, underwater exercise, or readiness for severe weather conditions.

How Much Do Overseas Welders Make?

The amount of money overseas welders make varies based on the area of expertise and the number of years in the profession. According to ZipRecruiter, the national average for overseas welding jobs in May 2018 was $64,853. However, this is the median. Welders working overseas can make a minimum of $21,500 and a maximum of $148,000.

In addition to the above, the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that, as of May 2019, the median salary earned by overseas pipefitters was $56,540. Moreover, the American Welding Society finds that welders that can considerable diving experience and have previously worked as underwater welders can earn much more than both the salary earned by overseas pipefitters and the national average for overseas welders. The median salary for these welders recorded by the Bureau of Labor Statistics is $59,470.

What Country Pays The Most For Welders?

As stated previously, the pay of overseas welders will vary depending on where they work. Even within the United States, the pay of welders varies greatly from one state to another. However, we are not going to discuss that here. Instead, our point of discussion here is to identify the countries where welders can make the most money.

Firstly, it is important to clarify that your pay as a welder will vary greatly depending on what type of welding you are required to perform. For example, you will earn less than $40,000 overseas if your job is to work in structural metals. On the other hand, you can make in excess of $70,000 by working in establishments that distribute natural gas.

To answer the main question, you can expect to make as much as CAD 85,000 in Canada as a welder. This is equivalent to almost US$60,500. In Australia, you can make as much as US$51,000. However, if you want to make some serious money, then Europe is where you need to be.

Welders in European countries like Switzerland and Norway can make as much as US$118,000. This is the higher end. Even the lower end pay of welders in these countries is more than the national average in the United States and some other countries.


In this article, we discussed the ways to get a welding job overseas as well as how many overseas welders make and which countries pay the highest to welders. Using this information, you can understand what you need to do to find employment overseas as a welder and how much you can realistically expect to make as a welder abroad. You can also use the information provided above to shortlist overseas employment destinations based on the potential income you can earn there.

Related Questions

How Much Do Welders Make In Europe?

If you wish to travel to Europe to work as a welder, then make sure it is not the UK you’re traveling to. This is because the pay of the welders in the UK at the higher end is only £31,307, which is equivalent to US$38, 360. With this in mind, you’re better off staying in the U.S than traveling to the UK for work.

The good news is that not all of Europe is like the UK in terms of a welder’s pay. The labor market in Europe is still boundless and many international companies are still searching for skilled and experienced welders, providing fairly attractive circumstances for work. If you wish to work abroad and have the skills and experience demanded by the European labor market, then there are some pretty good options in Europe for you to explore for welding jobs.

One of these countries is Germany. In Germany, you can expect to earn an annual salary between 21,600 and 48000 Euros which equals US$23,000 and US$52,000 respectively. In the Netherlands, you can earn between 22,800 and 30,000 Euros per year. In France, the pay is between 24,000 and 30,000 Euros.

However, the Scandinavian countries are where the real money is. We have already talked about one of these countries, Norway, where you can earn as much as US$118000 in a year. In the other four Scandinavian countries, welders can expect to earn between 45,600 and 49,200 Euros per year which is equal to US$ 49,200 and US$53,180, respectively. Overall, Europe is a good option to explore if you want to earn some decent money as a welder but have limited opportunities in your home country.

Can Welders Make Good Money?

Yes, welders can make good money. This is especially true if you can find employment overseas in a country that pays welders reasonably. Some examples are Switzerland, Canada, and the Scandinavian countries.

While it is true that you need to weigh the pros and cons of working overseas before traveling abroad for a welding job, it is no secret that welders who travel abroad, especially to Scandinavia and some Eastern European countries make much more money than welders in the U.S and several other countries.

If you have the skills and qualifications needed to get a job in one of the top-paying countries listed above, do not think twice about traveling there for work. This may well be your only chance of getting rich.