Best Welding Jacket For Summer

If you live in a warmer climate, you know that welding outside in the summer can be absolute agony. Mainly because it’s not a smart idea to weld in just a T-shirt: sparks could set it on fire, and spatter can do much worse. On the other hand, wearing a leather welding jacket is not really an option when the temperature gets close to 100℉.

That’s why someone invented fire-resistant cotton. It’s not gonna hold up for too long when exposed to constant grinding and welding, but it will protect your skin well enough. In this list, I’ve also included a couple of leather-sleeved welding jackets, if that’s your thing. Me, I prefer to wear no leather in summer, even if that means buying a new jacket every month because the sleeves are usually the first ones to go. The only leather I wear in summer is on the boots and gloves.

Overall Best: Lincoln Electric Premium (FR) Cotton Welding Jacket

It’s practically impossible to make a list of welding products without including Lincoln Electric. Their khaki lightweight welding jacket is perfect for warm climates, and the color is one of the main reasons for that. Brighter colors don’t attract sunlight as much as dark colors, so if you need to work out in the sun all day, this is a much better option.

The welding jacket is made from 9oz. fire retardant cotton that meets the ASTM D6413 standard for flame resistance. The jacket also has a coating that gives it anti-static and moisture repelling properties. Lincoln Electric guarantees up to 50 machine washes before the jacket loses its fire-resistant properties.

The metal snap buttons are very tough and will keep you protected from sparks and spatter. The only issue is, there should be one more button, on the collar. Although it’s a flip-up collar, and it really stays up, there’s always going to be a gap in the middle where sparks could enter and burn your neck. Fortunately, there’s one button on each cuff, so your arms will be safe.

The biggest issue for me is the lack of pockets. This jacket features only one inside pocket, which is quite large, and it protects your belongings from debris and metal dust, but one or two more pockets wouldn’t hurt.

On the Amazon page, you can select a size from M to XXXL, but you can also contact the seller for bigger or smaller sizes.


  • Very light;
  • Khaki color is great for working outdoors;
  • Moisture-wicking and anti-static properties.


  • No button on the collar;
  • Could use a couple more pockets.

Runner-Up: Black Stallion JF1625-TG Stretch-Back

Although this flame-resistant welding jacket was designed for comfort, the backside is not only stretchy, but it’s also very breathable. The tan and light gray colors are also great because they don’t attract a lot of sunlight. All in all, a great jacket for working outside in summer.

The backside of the jacket is made from 7oz. FR cotton, while the rest is made from tougher, 9oz. FR cotton. The front features six durable snap buttons, including one on the collar. The cuffs also feature snap buttons for a snug fit. All of the buttons are reinforced with leather for durability.

The small pocket on the shoulder is designed for storing markers, pencils, soapstones, or similar small tools. The inside pocket will protect your phone, wallet, or other valuable belongings you keep on your person. As I’ve mentioned before, a couple more pockets wouldn’t hurt.

This light, cotton welding jacket is available in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL, and 4XL.


  • Light and breathable;
  • Functional design;
  • Very affordable.


  • More pockets are always a good idea.

Most Affordable: Hobart 770569 Flame Retardant Cotton Welding Jacket

This is probably the most affordable summer welding jacket you can find. Hobart have really created a great welding jacket for around $25, so you can buy a new one each time you burn a hole in it.

The jacket is made from 100% flame-resistant cotton which allows your skin to breathe during the hot summer days. The problem is the color. The dark gray color attracts sunlight which is not ideal.

The jacket has four snap buttons on the front, but none on the collar. Although the collar flips up to protect your neck, the fact that there’s no button on it means the front of your neck is exposed to sparks and flying debris. There’s also a snap button on each cuff, so at least your arms will be safe from sparks and spatter.

On the inside of the welding jacket, there’s one pocket that’s not too big, so you can only keep your phone there or a small notepad. Sadly, that’s the only pocket, and that’s the biggest drawback of this light welding jacket.

Although this link is only for the XL-sized jacket, you can simply contact the seller, and order the size that fits you.


  • Very affordable;
  • Very light and breathable.


  • More pockets would be great.

Upgrade: Miller Electric 2241909 Welding Jacket

This MIller lightweight welding jacket is surprisingly durable considering its price. For around $30, you get a high-quality jacket that’s designed specifically for warm climates. Made from 88% flame retardant cotton and 12% nylon, this jacket is very breathable and comfortable. What would make this jacket even better would be a brighter color. Although the navy blue looks great, it attracts sunlight more than brighter colors.

The jacket has five snap buttons on the front and a velcro patch on the flip-up collar. The cuffs also feature snap buttons for a snug fit that will protect your arms from spatter. Like most jackets on this list, this Miller welding jacket only has one inside pocket. It’s not a small pocket, so you can fit your phone, a small notepad, or a few small tools in there, but I still believe it’s not enough.

The link above is for the XL size because that’s what I wear, but here are the links for sizes S, M, L, XXL, 3XL, 4XL, and 5XL.


  • Breathable fabric;
  • Very affordable;
  • Very light.


  • More pockets would be a good idea.

Best Design: Black Stallion JF1633-NB BSX Hooded Welding Jacket

For over 40 years, Black Stallion has been making high-quality welding jackets and other PPE. This is one of my favorite welding jackets because of its functional design. The hood is large enough to fit over most welding helmets, which is great for protection from sunlight or rain.

Made from 9oz. flame-resistant cotton, this welding jacket is very light and breathable which is exactly what you need on those hot summer days. It features six snap buttons on the front flap, including one on the collar.

The hood can easily be removed at will because it’s attached to the collar with two snap buttons. All of the above-mentioned buttons are reinforced with leather for increased durability. The manufacturer guarantees up to 50 machine washes before the jacket loses its fire-resistant properties.

My favorite part about this jacket, however, are the two outside pockets. They have a flap over them to keep sparks and debris from entering and damaging your belongings. There’s also a scribe pocket on the left shoulder and one big inside pocket.

The only thing that would make this jacket perfect for hot summer days, would be a brighter color. The dark, navy blue color simply attracts too much sunlight.

The BSX hooded welding jacket comes in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL, and 4XL.


  • Functional design
  • Very light and breathable;
  • Looks great.


  • The color is too dark.

Best-Looking: Black Stallion FN9-30C

This Black Stallion jacket is one of the lightest welding jackets you’ve ever seen. Made from 9oz. flame-resistant cotton, and designed specifically for hot climates, this FR jacket will keep you cool on the warmest of days.

Because it’s a welding jacket, it’s made to be tough. The snap buttons are reinforced with leather so they won’t break easily. It also features a small pocket on the shoulder for keeping pencils, markers, or small tools.

Because one small pocket is never enough, this Black Stallion jacket has a big inside pocket, ideal for keeping small tools, screws, or something like a phone or a notepad. The only thing that would make this jacket better is if there were one or two outside pockets.

The flip-up collar also has a snap button designed to keep your neck safe from sparks and flying debris. There are also snap buttons on the cuffs for keeping sparks and spatter from entering the sleeves and burning your arms.

Although on the product page you can only select sizes medium to XXL, you can contact the seller and order a size small and up to 5XL.

Something to keep in mind is that some welders have made the remark that the shoulder pocket is not as advertised in the pictures, but much smaller. Other than that, this is a great lightweight welding jacket.


  • Functional design;
  • Very light.


  • Shoulder pocket is not as advertised;
  • A few more pockets would be useful.

Best Leather-Sleeved: Steiner 1240-X 30-Inch Jacket

Even if you prefer darker colors, consider this orange and white welding jacket for summertime, because the bright colors deflect sunlight, so they will keep you cooler.

The torso is made from breathable 9oz. fire resistant cotton and the sleeves are made from durable split cowhide. To make the jacket more durable, the stitchings are made with Kevlar thread and the stress points are bar-tacked. The jacket also has anti-static and moisture-wicking properties.

The front side features four reinforced, non-reflective snap buttons, but none on the collar. Although the collar flips up, there will always be a gap in the middle. There’s a scribe pocket on each shoulder, and one big pocket inside which will keep your belongings safe.


  • Breathable cotton;
  • Kevlar thread;
  • Tough split cowhide sleeves;
  • Great value for money.


  • Could use a couple more pockets.

Best Leather-Sleeved Runner-Up: Tillman TIL9230L Large Royal Blue FR Welding Jacket

This blue welding jacket may not look so cool, but it will keep you cool. The bright color will deflect sunlight more than dark-colored jackets, which keeps you cool. The torso is made of breathable, flame-resistant cotton, and the sleeves are made from tanned split cowhide.

To increase durability, the sleeves are stitched together with Kevlar, which is not only super durable but also fire resistant. Both of the sleeves include a small pocket, ideal for keeping a soapstone, marker, or a similar small tool.

Inside the jacket, there’s one more pocket, large enough to keep several small tools, a notepad, or a smartphone. The jacket unbuttons easily thanks to the four snap buttons on the front. There’s also a snap button on each cuff to provide a snug fit so that no sparks can get inside the sleeves.

There are a couple of small drawbacks, though. The flip-up collar doesn’t have a button, so it will leave the front of your neck exposed to flying debris. Another issue is that the sleeves will dye your arms for a while, but that will go away eventually.

You can get this jacket in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL, but if you need a size bigger than 3XL, feel free to contact the seller.


  • Breathable cotton;
  • Split leather sleeves;
  • Light deflecting color;
  • Kevlar thread.


  • Sleeves may dye your arms at first;
  • No button on the collar.

Best Value-for-Money: Weldas COOL Fire Retardant/Dielectric Jacket

This is great value for the money. For around $50, you will get a cotton jacket with heavy-duty, split leather sleeves. Weldas guarantees up to 50 machine washes before the jacket loses its flame retardant properties.

The 9oz. FR cotton it’s made of is very light and breathable, which is great for the heat, but the black color attracts quite a lot of sunlight. The jacket has a very classic design that features five snap buttons and a flip collar. The leather sleeves have a loose fit for mobility, and they’re sewn with durable Kevlar thread.

Again, there’s the issue of too few pockets. In fact, there’s only one inside pocket that’s not big enough to hold more than your smartphone. Nevertheless, this is a great welding jacket for summer.

You can usually find it in sizes L, XL, XXL, but if you need a smaller or bigger size, you can contact the seller.


  • Durable split leather sleeves;
  • Breathable cotton;
  • Kevlar thread;
  • Great value for the money.


  • Black color attracts sunlight;
  • More pockets!

Bonus Item: Leaseek Leather Welding Jacket

I have actually written a review about this “thing” before – it was in this article about clothes for welding. I was so impressed by it, that I decided I have to include it here as well. I kept referring to the Leaseek jacket as a “thing” because it’s not really a jacket, and I’ll explain why.

The “thing” is actually very practical: it doesn’t have a backside – instead, there’s only a strap, and about 65% of the front side comes off completely. So then you’re left with a chest piece and sleeves, which is ideal if you’re working in the heat. This thing can be useful in winter too, as you can just wear it over a jacket, which makes it very practical indeed.

It’s made from split cowhide, so it’s very soft but sturdy. To make things even better, the whole thing is sewn with durable and fire-resistant Kevlar stitching which will significantly increase the life of this welding “jacket”.

There are two small pockets, one on each shoulder, so you can keep a soapstone or similar small tools. There are four snap buttons that hold the apron, and three more on the chest, which are useful if it gets really hot. There are two more buttons on the collar, so you can adjust it according to your own neck. The cuffs also have a button each, but it would be great if they had two instead.

You can select a size between S and 4XL, but keep in mind that most welders have had problems with the size, so consider ordering one size bigger than you usually would. In the end, if for whatever reason you’re not satisfied with the product, you can return it for a full refund.

Some welders have experienced trouble with some of the snap buttons. Apparently, some of them don’t last too long, and begin to unbutton on their own. The good news is, this doesn’t seem to be a very common issue, and even if it does happen, you can always just replace the faulty button.


  • Kevlar stitching;
  • Very durable;
  • Functional design;
  • Return policy;
  • Great value for the money.


  • Some issues with buttons may occur;
  • Cuffs could use one more button.

Best Welding Jacket for Summer: Buying Guide

Here are a few factors you should consider before buying a summer welding jacket.


Cotton! Seriously, the less leather the better. When it’s hot outside, being inside a leather jacket is probably a glimpse into what hell feels like. Breathable cotton is the best option because it doesn’t allow much heat to accumulate inside the jacket. Nylon is another option, but it doesn’t hold up that well against flames as fire-resistant cotton does.


This is something that gets overlooked very often, but believe me, a brighter color will deflect sunlight much more than dark colors, keeping you cooler.

Type of Welding

Truth is, if all you do is TIG weld, then you don’t get exposed to much spatter, so you could even try skipping the jacket altogether and just weld in your t-shirt. However, if you use any other process, you’re exposed to spatter which will burn through just about any fiber. In that case, consider getting a leather-sleeved jacket.


Based on my personal experience, talking to other welders, and doing a ton of research, I’ve come to the conclusion that you should always order one size bigger than your usual size. For some reason, most welding jackets seem to be a snug fit, and in summer, that would represent additional, unwanted stress. If it turns out the jacket is just way too big, contact the seller and ask if you can return it for a different size.

Best Welding Jacket for Summer: Conclusion

To sum it up, if you live where it gets really hot in the summer, avoid leather at all costs. The Lincoln Electric Premium Jacket is a perfect example of a light welding jacket that’s perfect for summer. The beige color plays a great role in that.

The Black Stallion JF1625-TG is also a great choice, and the stretchy backside not only provides a better fit, but it also deflects sunlight, and it soaks up your sweat, which is a good thing because even a tiny breeze will feel amazing!

If you really don’t like beige, the Black Stallion JF1633-NB might be the right welding jacket for you. This jacket looks so great that I’d wear it regularly. It also has a hood which is very unusual for a welding jacket, but I like it.

If you’re on a really tight budget, don’t worry, the Hobart 770569 costs less than a few beers in a bar. Seriously, it costs about $25, and that’s probably as cheap as it gets.

If you’re really into leather, we’ve got something for you too. The Tillman TIL9230L looks quite ridiculous with its blue torso and yellow leather sleeves, but those colors work in your favor when you have to be out in the sun.

If it’s important to you that you don’t look like a clown when you’re working, the Weldas COOL Dielectric Jacket has a black torso with dark yellow sleeves. Way better than the orange/white combo of the Steiner, which is another great leather-sleeved jacket.

The bonus item… I love that “thing”. Yes, it looks silly, and it’s not really a jacket, but it’s so well thought-out that you can’t not love it. It’s practically a sleeved apron, but then it can also be just sleeves, but with a chest piece. Genius!


How do welders stay cool?

By having a job that includes heavy power tools, grinding and pounding on metal, sparks flying everywhere, oil-covered hands, clothes, and even faces.

I couldn’t resist. I honestly think welding is one of the coolest jobs out there, and I had to mention some of the things that make it so cool.

Now, to stay cool in the summer some welders use cooling bands, others use portable fans, but thin clothes are probably the most important feature.

Are denim jackets good for welding?

If they were, I would have included them in this list, because who doesn’t like a denim jacket? If you find a denim jacket that’s made from fire-resistant cotton, don’t hesitate and buy it.

Is welding as hot as the sun?

I could not believe it when I saw that this is a frequently asked question. No! It’s not as hot as the sun, but you should still avoid getting your skin close to the arc.

How do you cool down a shop?

Air conditioning, fans, even opening a window is not a bad idea.

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